Here's what others have to say about my programs.

“I have never seen a comedy magic show so funny and entertaining.  I almost fell out of my chair!”-Robert W. Hicks, Magic And Juggling Shop

Children after a birthday party.

“I’ve had many people comment on how much fun it was having you there.” JoAnne K. Binkley, Special Event Coordinator
Sierra 7 years old.

“It was a fun thing but I liked the bird the best.”- Dante, 6 years old
Savannah 7 years old.

“Everyone Remarked at how fabulous you were at entertaining the children and keeping their, sometimes short, attention spans.”- Tracy Eason Bolton, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  Sara Bolden

“Making events unforgettable and exciting is just the tip of the iceberg!”- Anthony Sisneros, Shoney’s Restaurants
  My Mom

“Tall Paul is amazing!”- Martha Yakovleff, Blue Mountain Community College
  Jasmyne 13 years old

“Some of the students have asked when you’ll be back.”- Cynthia Florence, Emerson Elementary School
  Dale Scharp Birthday dad.

”Come again next semester!”- Diana
  My Dad.

“I would enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone.”- Jeffery J Schmitt, AAA Solar
  Tanva, TNT Entertainment

“What a Joy!”- Charlotte Symons, Ameri Title
  Tom birthday dad.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you.”- Girl Scouts Of America


“The kids thought you were very funny.”- Annette Taylor

   Robert Smith Good Time Productions

“I really enjoyed This”- Lashanna Villanueva

“The entertainment topped the fun.”- Terry Welborri

“Tall Paul was quite amazing!”- Chreyl Delgarito

“Great Balloons!”- Nancy Rusales

“Wonderful!  The kids and adults loved it!  I got lots of compliments after the party.”- Jamie Corwin

“You’re the best balloon guy in the state!”- Joko The Clown

“You are the best!”- Horacio Perez

“I really liked your performance and you made me want to do magic.”- Steven, 10 years old

“You were very funny and the kids loved you!”- Maruin Waseta

“Cool balloons!”- Danae, 8 years old

“The children were enthralled!”- Rebecca Buland